Why Surveying Your Customers Isn’t Always the Answer

Mar 27, 2024

Your customers probably won’t request embedded insurance. Most of our partners’ customers weren’t either, but now they’re selling thousands of policies a month. Turns out they needed embedded insurance – they just didn’t know it yet.
By the Numbers: What You Might Not Know
Here’s what we’ve seen on average with multiple of our top partners.


average revenue/yr for our top partners


increase in revenue per transaction


increase in bookings and registrations

Case Study: Success at SportsEngine

When to Value Innovation Over Feedback

SportsEngine was first to market with embedded insurance for the sports industry – they didn’t have a proof of concept and they had no idea if they would even sell any policies.

However, they valued a roadmap driven by innovation and revenue alongside customer feedback. So when they saw an easy way to add value for their customers and dollars to their bottom line with very little lift, they said yes.

Now, tens of thousands of policies are sold every month through embedded insurance offers on our partners’ platforms, all powered by Vertical Insure. And, conversion rates are steadily climbing now that end users have come to expect embedded insurance as a baseline feature.

The Vertical Insure Difference

White Glove Professional Services

Set it and forget it, we take care of the rest


Hands-Off Implementation

Be up and running in just two weeks

Untapped Revenue Stream

Add to your bottom line at no risk or cost