Protection for non-refundable ticket purchases.


Ticket Refund Protection provides a 100% refund for the cost of the tickets (including fees) if the ticket holder is unable to attend unexpectedly.
Without Ticket Protection

Ticket Cost: $250

Processing Fees: $25

The ticketholder’s car breaks down on the way to the event and misses the entire show.

Amount Reimbursed: $0

With Ticket Protection

Ticket Cost: $250

Processing Fees: $25

Ticket Protection: $18

Ticketholder is unable to attend due to car troubles.

Amount Reimbursed: $275

No need for a rain check.

Anything can happen – but the show must go on. Ticket Refund Protection offers peace of mind by covering ticket costs plus service and handling fees in case something goes wrong.

Policies are also comprehensive, covering illnesses, injuries, transportation difficulties, severe weather and many other reasons for reimbursement.

*A hypothetical, but realistic, example

Give your customers the coverage they’re looking for.

Ticket prices are steadily on the rise and many highly-anticipated events sell out quickly. As a result, fans are spending more money to see their favorite performers live or cheer on their local teams, and they expect some level of protection on those “high-ticket” purchases.

Easily offer insurance on every ticket purchase made through your platform by embedding Ticket Refund Protection directly into the checkout flow.

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