Say hello to Vertical Insure.

Our mission is to make coverage accessible on every purchase by building active partnerships with platforms to provide tailored embedded insurance solutions.

Like most good ideas, it all started with a pontoon.

Brock Noland, the Vertical Insure CEO and co-founder, decided to buy a pontoon in 2021. He also knew he needed insurance for his new boat, but that turned out to be more difficult than expected. Because the standalone policy was so inexpensive, the commission was also low and the broker actually lost money on the transaction.
The whole process really should have been easier. Why wasn’t insurance embedded into the purchase at the boat dealership? They were already collecting all of the same information a broker would need to put the policy together. Then Brock realized there were so many other industries that could stand to benefit from embedded insurance. There’s a large, untapped market for low-value policies that brokers would normally avoid due to low commission. But, what if we found a way to digitize that process and make it more convenient for everyone involved?

So, Vertical Insure was born, and was immediately off to the races in some previously underserved industries. In 2023, we acquired Next Wave Insurance Services, the leader in insurance solutions for youth sports. From there, we’ve expanded into many other verticals, including live events, event management, pets, education, travel, and so much more.

The Vertical Insure difference.

We strive to build active partnerships – when you succeed, we succeed.

Our deep vertical expertise results in relevant insurance solutions that resonate.

We add value without adding to your workload with our full suite of professional services.

Our engineer-backed technology is designed plug in quickly and compliment your user flow.

Think of our team as an extension of your team.

We know resources can be limited, and your focus is best spent on keeping your customers happy. As part of our promise to maintain an active partnership with your business, we offer a full suite of professional services to help you succeed. This includes development resources, ongoing customer support, and go-to-market plans and content.


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