A back-up plan for non-refundable registration fees.


Registration Cancellation Insurance reimburses up to 100% of registration fees if the participant is forced to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances.
Without Registration Cancellation

Registration Fee: $500

Participant is injured halfway through the session/season and is forced to withdraw.

Amount Reimbursed: $0

With Registration Cancellation

Registration Fee: $500
Insurance Fee: $25

Participant is injured halfway through the session/season.

Amount Reimbursed: $250

No refunds? No problem.

Registration fees for any event or activity are usually required far in advance and are typically non-refundable.

Registration Cancellation Insurance offers a back-up plan by reimbursing covered participants or registrants while the organization keeps the initial payment. Coverage is also flexible – protect an entire season or just one tournament or single-day event.

*A hypothetical, but realistic, example

Keep your revenue and your customers.

It’s difficult to honor refund requests when registration fees go towards basic operating costs. Just one refund can significantly impact revenue for you or your customers. However, when a registrant or participant is denied a refund, they can be left feeling frustrated and may be unlikely to re-register in the future.

By embedding Registration Insurance into your platform, you can give your customers another option and put yourself ahead of the competition.

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