Customized insurance for your special event.


Event Liability Insurance protects event hosts, planners, and venues from the financial risks associated with property damage, accidents, or injuries that may occur during the event.
How it Works: An Example

You are hosting a wedding reception, and one of your guests fractures their wrist after slipping and falling on the wet floor near the bar area.

The injured guest files a liability claim against you, alleging negligence.

Since you purchased Event Liability Insurance, you report the incident to your provider. After an investigation, your policy covers the costs (including medical expenses, legal defense costs, and potential settlement amounts).

Proof of insurance? Check.

Event Liability Insurance is specialized to protect a wide range of special events – from weddings and galas to corporate functions and meetings. Multi-day events are covered under a single policy, up to 20 total days.

Coverage is customizable, with scalable liability limits and a range of add-ons, including liquor liability.

*A hypothetical, but realistic, example

Make event planning easier and set your platform apart.

Most venues typically require some form of liability insurance as part of the reservation and planning process. And even if they don’t, it’s usually highly recommended.

By embedding Event Liability Insurance into your event management software, your customers can add coverage and obtain a proof of insurance document without ever leaving your platform.

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