Refund protection for memberships and passes.


Membership Interruption Insurance refunds all or part of annual or recurring membership fees if the member is forced to pause their membership due to unforeseen circumstances.
Without Membership Interruption

Club Membership Fee: $1,500 (billed monthly)

The member is injured one month after signing the contract and is unable to participate for the next three months.

Amount Reimbursed: $0

With Membership Interruption

Club Membership Fee: $1,500 (billed monthly)
Insurance fee: $100 (one-time fee)

The member is injured and unable to participate for three months.

Amount Reimbursed: $375 (three months of membership fees)

A better way to “pause” memberships.

Annual or semi-annual memberships for gyms, clubs, golf courses, and similar businesses can be a significant investment for members. As a result, month-to-month memberships are rising in popularity. What if there was a way to maintain the benefits associated with an annual pass while still offering some flexibility?

Membership Interruption Insurance fills that gap by reimbursing covered members for the months they’re unable to participate if the unexpected happens.

*A hypothetical, but realistic, example

Maintain long-term memberships and revenue.

Annual memberships offer both clubs and members unique benefits that simply don’t exist with month-to-month contracts. The clubs can rely on that income for an entire year and pass on a price break to their members. However, consumers now expect the unexpected, and they want options when it comes to non-refundable and long-term contracts.

By embedding Membership Interruption Insurance into your platform, you can give your customers the best of both worlds and put yourself ahead of the competition.

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