A new way to protect the investment inhigher education.

Embedded insurance solutions for campus management systems, scholarship platforms, tuition payment software, colleges, universities, and more.

Tap into New Revenue

Bring a new, no-cost, no-risk revenue stream to your business.

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Add value to your platform quickly and easily by offering insurance as a new feature.

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Get access to our entire team – from dev resources to support and marketing.

Help more students pursue their degree.

As tuition prices continue to climb, protecting the financial investment in education is more critical than ever. Give families the peace of mind of knowing they’re covered by providing a seamlessly embedded tuition insurance option.

How does it work? We help your team add an offer directly into your platform or payment path – complimenting the user experience. Students and their parents can rest easy knowing their investment is protected while you add more revenue to reinvest back into your business or institution.

Insurance solutions built for students & families.

Tuition Insurance

Offers up to a 100% reimbursement for tuition payments, room and board costs, and other relevant expenses if the student is forced to withdraw from a semester for medical reasons.

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