Kaleidoscope Partners with Vertical Insure to Provide a Tuition Insurance Option for Safeguarding Educational Investment

Feb 22, 2024

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, February 22, 2024 — Kaleidoscope, a leading Full-Cycle Scholarship Platform (FSP), has announced a new partnership with Vertical Insure, the embedded insurance provider for vertical SaaS platforms. This collaboration aims to provide students and their families with a convenient way to safeguard their educational investments by offering optional tuition insurance directly within their Kaleidoscope applicant portal.

As tuition prices continue to climb, protecting the financial investment in education is more critical than ever. Since most post-secondary schools have limited refund options beyond a brief withdrawal period, students and families are often left vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances – including medical emergencies. Optional tuition insurance offered through this partnership provides a safety net by offering up to a 100% reimbursement on tuition if a student cannot complete the semester due to medical reasons.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vertical Insure to provide even more opportunities for the students and families who have applied to scholarships on Kaleidoscope’s marketplace,” said Jason Von Bank, CEO, Kaleidoscope. “Through this partnership, we can offer an added layer of protection to students’ educational investments, demonstrating our dedication to supporting their academic journeys.”

“Our collaboration with Kaleidoscope highlights our commitment to providing embedded insurance solutions that address coverage gaps where traditional broker-sold products fall short,” said Brock Noland, CEO of Vertical Insure. “Together, we can empower students and their families to pursue their educational aspirations with confidence, knowing their investment is protected.”

The partnership between Kaleidoscope and Vertical Insure represents a significant step forward in meeting the market demand for ensuring accessibility and security in education. By integrating optional tuition insurance seamlessly into Kaleidoscope’s applicant portal, students and families can embark on their educational journeys with greater confidence and peace of mind.

About Kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope is a Full-Cycle Scholarship Platform (FSP) that gives organizations the tools and support they need to build and manage scholarship programs from start to finish, every year. Organizations partner with Kaleidoscope to build and manage scholarship applications, communicate with applicants and reviewers, complete a selection process, and manage disbursements. Learn more at www.mykaleidoscope.com.

About Vertical Insure
Vertical Insure specializes in providing embedded insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses and their customers. Software platforms partner with Vertical Insure to offer relevant coverage options seamlessly with any purchase or transaction, ensuring simplicity and peace of mind for consumers. Learn more at www.verticalinsure.com.


Nicole Goloborodko
Vertical Insure, Inc.