No More “No Refunds”

Life is unpredictable, and no-refund policies leave you vulnerable to significant financial loss when the unexpected happens. With Registration Cancellation Insurance, you can get reimbursed for your non-refundable registration fees – for a single event or an entire season.

Protect your registration fees.

What happens to your registration fees when “anything can happen” turns into “it just did?” Registration Cancellation Insurance reimburses up to 100% of your purchase if you’re unable to attend due to injury, illness (including COVID-19), severe weather, transportation difficulties, and over 70 other covered reasons.

Single Event

Cover the cost of registration for a tournament or a single event if the participant is unable to attend.

Season Interruption

Protect registration fees for an entire season is the participant is forced to withdraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my reason for cancellation is covered?

Your policy covers over 70 reasons and situations. If you do not see your reason listed or if you still have questions, contact our customer service team at

• Medical emergencies
• Family emergencies
• Injuries
• Illness (including COVID)
• Death of a family member
• Travel
• Transportation disruption
• Severe weather
• Uninhabitable residence
• Employer-initiated job transfer
• Involuntarily terminated
• Extended school year
• Active military duty
• Plus additional unforeseen incidents

What is the duration of my policy?
Coverage starts the day after the policy is purchased. Any covered peril that occurs from that point until and through the end of the season or event would be covered.

On claims that are accepted, a policyholder will receive a full refund if the covered reason occurred prior to the first sanctioned activity or event. If coverage takes place during a sports season, the policyholder will be provided a pro-rated refund for the time missed and unable to participate.

Can I file multiple claims on a single policy?
Yes! Multiple claims can be filed on a single policy. For example: If a participant misses the first 10% of the season for an illness and the last 20% of the season with an injury, the policyholder may file a claim for each of those situations.
How do I file a claim?

After purchase, you will receive an email from Vertical Insure containing coverage details and a link to the claims portal. Search for “Vertical Insure” in your inbox or spam folders to locate this email. The claims portal will include a short submission form that may require supporting documentation to verify the claim (medical records, receipts, or other relevant documents). You can also visit the Vertical Insure Customer Portal ( to find your coverage details and the link to begin the claims process. You can also reach out to with any questions.

When will I receive an answer on my claim?
With proper information and documentation received, you can accept a resolution and payout typically within 5-7 business days. Any questions about your coverage can be directed to
Where can I find my policy ID or number?

After purchasing a policy, the policyholder receives an email from Vertical Insure which includes the policy ID/Number. The email used for this message will be the one associated with the registration submitted. Policyholders can search their inbox (search “Vertical Insure”) or check their spam folders for the email. You can also visit the Vertical Insure Customer Portal ( Or you can send a request to using their email address associated with their registration and include the policyholder’s name and the participant’s name.

What isn't covered?
Registration Cancellation Insurance is not a cancel for any reason policy. Coverage only applies for covered reasons and under the conditions as stated in the policy. Here are some of the reasons that are not covered:

• You’re unable to attend because you’re going on vacation
• If a policy is purchased after an injury
• Pre-existing medical conditions
• If the player does not make the team
• If the player quits

Can I cancel my policy?
If the policyholder is not satisfied with the product for any reason, they have the option to cancel the policy within ten (10) days of the initial purchase date. If cancellation is requested within those 10 days, Vertical Insure will process the cancellation of the coverage and refund the premium in full, as long as a claim has not yet been filed. Cancellation requests should be submitted to